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The all-new Our Phone is the time-sharing phone concept of the future! Because there’s not enough water for the mining of precious metals to produce consumer electronics anymore, now you’re all gonna have to use the same phone. Just wait, you'll get your turn, and remember sharing is caring.

*This product packaging is made from bio-based materials.

Water used per Smart Phone

Total water used
Surface and groundwater
Water pollution
Raw materials (Mining & Packaging)

Pick up before it's someone elses turn.

Word on the street


I love just being available sometimes. This inconsistent phone plan gives me brief periods of mindfulness - no app needed.


Not great for ememegencies tbh, I was lost in the woods and didn't have any quote to call. 2/5 stars.


Didn't find an app for it yet that'll fix these droughts, but cool games though.

Let's get real

Picture by Souleymane Tangara

Let's get real

Thanks for checking out The Drop Store. As you might know by now, this product at this price doesn’t exist. Yet. Water challenges concern everybody. Some of us already deal with these challenges every day, while others don't see them yet. If we don't act now, they’ll get worse for everyone. Find out more about what’s happening below, and see how you can get involved in building a better future.

Too dirty water

Fresh water is vital for our survival, but only 2.5% of Earth's water is freshwater, much of which is frozen or underground. Unfortunately, more and more freshwater is becoming contaminated with pollutants, such as chemicals, waste, and plastic, which affects everyone who comes into contact with it, especially vulnerable populations. Polluted water can harm crops, aquatic animals, and humans, causing various health issues.

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Product with too dirty water
What can we do about it?

Picture by Souleymane Tangara

What can we do about it?

Our partners are working tirelessly to change how clean water is valued, pushing for freshwater habitats to be managed sustainably. They’re also getting financial institutions to invest in sustainable water projects, creating legislation to protect water, and getting businesses to take more responsibility for the water they use and discharge. Also, raising awareness - that’s where you come in.

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