Real Cow Hamburgers



Real Cow Hamburgers — 35gr

Start Beef

Get bunned up boys and girls, because this real cow beef bomb is gonna blow up your taste buds. *Some assembly required. Toppings sold separately.

*This product packaging is made from bio-based materials.

Water used per 1KG of beef

Total water used
Surface and groundwater
Water pollution
Feed crops
Drinking water
Service water
Feed mixign water

Moo goes the cow. Sizzle goes the burger. You go yum.

Word on the street


Wow I had so much fun assembling this thing with other ingredients. Can you believe foods are combinable? What a world!


Wait, so this is made out of a living animal?? I am so confused, like for real?


I haven't had real beef in years - but honestly not worth it. Tastes the same as vegan burgers tbh.

Let's get real

Picture by Boujemaa Otmani

Let's get real

Thanks for checking out The Drop Store. As you might know by now, this product at this price doesn’t exist. Yet. Water challenges concern everybody. Some of us already deal with these challenges every day, while others don't see them yet. If we don't act now, they’ll get worse for everyone. Find out more about what’s happening below, and see how you can get involved in building a better future.

Too little water

Water scarcity not only restricts access to safe drinking water but also hampers hygiene practices, particularly impacting women and children who bear the burden of water collection. Insufficient water availability increases costs and jeopardizes food production, leading to crop failure, reduced output, and higher prices. This threatens the diversity and nutrition of our food. Explore our partner organizations to take action beyond drinking water concerns.

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Product with too little water
What can we do about it?

Picture by Boujemaa Otmani

What can we do about it?

Our partners try to find systemic solutions, by better protecting existing and finding new water resources, planning for urban scarcity, and expanding technologies to ensure climate resilience. We all play a role in conserving water. Let’s take action by reducing water usage at home, supporting water conservation policies, and raising awareness about the importance of water. Share this story.

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